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Double hung window is the most common window type in NYC-New York City. It consists of an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a solid frame. This window sometimes present some mechanist problem in the balance system, that don't let you open and close them properly.

Below is a list of the most common problems that you can present in this window.

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  • Problem with the balances mechanism (sash crashing down, stuck or hard to open)

  • Whether stripping (could be missing or damage and can cause draft)

  • Lock (unable to lock it)

  • Draft (frame needs to be shimming or re-insulated)

  • Water leaks (frame needs to be caulk or cap with aluminum trim)

  • broken sash cords, ropes or chains
  • Glass (refer to the glass section above)


If you have one of these problem with your double hung window, Master Window Repair®. will Provide high quality repair in all types of windows. Call us or fill out the form to get a free evaluation. We will be glad to help you.

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