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Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window is the most common window types.
it consists of an upper and lower sash that slide vertically
past each other in a solid frame.

Casement Window

Casement Window is a window that is attached to its frame.
by one or more hinges, typically are hinged at the top or
bottom sometimes at the sides.

Bay Window

Bay Window is a multi panel window projecting outward
from the wall, and can be assembled almost in any combination
either in a rectangular or semicircular form.

Bow Window

Bow Window is a conbination of four or more windows that
form a round shape, what we call radius. This window is similar
to the bay window projecting outward from the wall line.

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Awning Window

Awning window is a window with one or more sashes, hinges
at the top and swinging outward. Designed to admit air while
excluding rain.

Garden Window

Garden Window is a much like a bay or bow, also extends from
the wall out projecting three side window that form a glass box.

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